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"I signed up to be a coach for Hockey in the Hood camp as my 'community service' project for the year. Nine years later, I'm still here. I think DinoMights has done more for me than I've done for them."

-Mike Olson,
Longtime PeeWee coach, and
Wells Fargo Community Service Award Winner

In 2015-16 there were over 40 coaches, tutors, and mentors involved in the program.  They provide pivotal academic instruction, hockey assistance, and most importantly mentoring relationships. These volunteers receive training and follow-up assistance from the program staff at the beginning and throughout the year.

DinoMights hosts a Fall Training and Orientation Day and team development for all of our volunteers and staff to prepare in the areas of academic tutoring and hockey instruction for the year.

Getting Involved

It's easy to volunteer at DinoMights. Follow these steps to become a volunteer coach or tutor:

  • Prospective volunteers should fill out the application. Click link in the menu to download the Volunteer Application Form. (Link is only active when volunteer recruiting is underway for upcoming season.)
  • Selected applicants will be contacted for an interview. There are a limited number of spaces available. Not all applicants will be contacted for an interview.
  • All volunteers should attend training.

Contacts for Volunteering

To inquire about volunteer opportunities at DinoMights, please contact:

Scott Harman, Executive Director

(612) 216-4822 FAX: 612-825-2194

Volunteer Stories

DinoMights 2016 Volunteer of the Year Mike Ervin
Mite coach Jennifer

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