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Greg Carroll Learn 2 Skate

Greg Carroll Learn 2 Skate

The Dinomights' “Learn 2 Skate” program started in 1999 teaching the 70 1st graders from Richard Green Central School how to ice skate.

In 2007, after the untimely passing of coach, mentor, friend and long time committed volunteer, Greg Carroll, the program was renamed the "Greg Carroll Learn 2 Skate Program." Greg's Family and friends have been behind Greg Carroll Learn 2 Skate as a way to both honor Greg's legacy and to make a strong impact in the community.

Since, renaming the six-week program, it has expanded to serve almost 400 1st graders per year from Green Central, Hope Academy, Hiawatha Leadership Academy, Maxfield, Adams, and St. Paul Riverview.

We have taught ice skating to a total of over 1500 kids since 2007!

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Greg Carroll was a longtime volunteer at DinoMights

Highlights of Greg Carroll Learn 2 Skate 2015

After 30 Minutes... Success!

James Pumps the Kids Up

Ogeti Tries Sled Skating

Erica - Bring it in!