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DinoMights Video - "Fearless"

About DinoMights

The philosophy of DinoMights centers around connecting with youth from their early elementary years through high school graduation, and providing them with the support they need to become self-assured, competent adults.

Using hockey as an incentive, DinoMights provides academic tutoring, mentoring, computer instruction, studies, camping, community service, and various other faith-based activities that help fulfill the mission to develop physical, academic, social and spiritual excellence. Since 1995, the philosophy of DinoMights has focused on whole life impact and long-term relationships with diverse youth possessing significant unmet needs in the Central, Powderhorn Park, and Phillips neighborhoods of South Minneapolis.

Our innovative approach engages students through the power of community and provides them with the opportunities they need to become self-assured, competent adults. DinoMights provides a powerful combination of traditional enrichment through recreation and intentional strategies that respond to children’s unique developmental and academic needs.

A Look Back, And Forward

1995 DinoMights founded by John Foley

Phillips, Powderhorn, and Central are Minneapolis neighborhoods with an infamous reputation for gangs and low test scores. Yet, in the midst of these conditions John Foley, the son of longtime Faith Covenant pastor Ross Foley, founded DinoMights in 1995. John saw past the statistics into the beautiful faces of the children. What he saw was a lack of opportunities and positive long-term relationships with caring adults. And so, DinoMights was founded to make a holistic impact on the lives of Minneapolis inner city youth.

2017 DinoMights still going strong

In 2016-17 the DinoMights entered their 22th season of hockey. There are now multiple teams for boys and girls, additional staff members, some of whom are former participants. Our seasonal staff provides a chance for DinoMights entering adulthood to serve and have a summer job or work at the Billy Lindsay Outdoor Rink on the Minneapolis Greenway.

DinoMights are growing up and going out into the world to give back! There have been many memorable moments over the years, and there are many more to come!

First team of DinoMights

DinoMights First Hockey Team

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DinoMights • 3400 Park Avenue South • Minneapolis, MN 55407

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